Summer semester 2023

Lecture period: 03.04.2023 - 14.07.2023

Decision Analysis and Forecasting in Agriculture (MSc)
Lecture: Friday, 10:15h - 11:45h, lecture hall, Insitut für Gartenbau, Auf dem Hügel 6
Seminar: Friday, 12:15h - 13:00h, lecture hall, Institut für Gartenbau, Auf dem Hügel 6
Teaching material: https://agtools.app/decision_analysis/
Lecturer: Dr. Cory Whitney, Prof. Dr. Eike Luedeling

Projekt-Seminar “Gartenbauliche Kulturen” (BSc)
Modulverantwortlich: Dr. Thorsten Kraska

Project-Seminar “Horticultural Production and Research” (MSc)
Lecturer: Dr. Thorsten Kraska

Further Teaching Material

Tree phenology analysis with R
In this course/module/book, we provide an overview of methods we can use to study the impact of climate - and climate change - on tree phenology.

Bachelor Arbeiten schreiben im Gartenbau
Von der Themenwahl über die Datenauswertung bis zur fertigen Arbeit.

Produktionssystem im Gartenbau
This module consists of two parts: a lecture series, where you’ll learn about a range of aspects related to Horticultural Production Systems, and a seminar, where you’ll learn a bit about science in general, and scientific writing in particular.

Decision analysis and Forecasting in Agricultural Development This is an experiential course. You will be leading discussions and projects. The aim is for you to become a critical thinker and lead the process in generating useful forecasts for decision makers in agricultural development. You will build a working model of an agricultural development decision.

Topics for Bachelor- and Master Theses

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