New publication - Estimating above ground biomass for small trees and shrubs in African savannas

The quantification of plant biomass and carbon in ecosystems is essential for determining the potential of interventions for climate change mitigation. Allometric aboveground biomass models for large trees exist but are lacking for small trees and shrubby vegetation. Nyamukuru et al. 2023, developed species-specific and multi-species allometric models for the estimation of biomass for 27 small tree species and 12 shrub species common in savannah ecosystems of Lake Mburo National Park in southwestern Uganda. Their species-specific and multi-species biomass regression models provide accurate estimates of aboveground biomass. Based on the high predictive capacity demonstrated by cross validation, the authors suggest that where accurate estimates of aboveground biomass are not available, multi-species biomass models could generate accurate estimations of aboveground biomass in similar ecosystems. Until regional-specific aboveground biomass models have been developed, the author team recommends these aboveground biomass models be used to estimate aboveground biomass of small trees and shrubs in savanna ecosystems.

Nyamukuru, Antonia, Cory Whitney, John R. S. Tabuti, Josephine Esaete, and Matthew Low. 2023. Allometric models for aboveground biomass estimation of small trees and shrubs in African savanna ecosystems. Trees, Forests and People: 100377.